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Pet Boarding
Waggin’ Tails 

Elevate your pet’s boarding experience with spacious accommodations, grooming services, and exclusive offers at Waggin’ Tails.

Pet Boarding Services for Your Beloved Companions

Welcome to our top-notch pet boarding facility, where we prioritize the comfort and well-being of your furry friends during their stay. We offer a range of boarding options tailored to meet the unique needs of different pets, including dogs, cats, and even exotic animals. With spacious kennels, luxurious suites, and attentive staff, we provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable environment for your pets, ensuring peace of mind while you’re away.

Standard Boarding

Spacious kennels for dogs of all sizes, with private outdoor runs. Climate controlled, clean and safe. Kennel companions must be able to eat in the same kennel unattended.

  • 1 Dog | $46/night
  • 2 Dogs (kennel companions) | $78/night
  • Day Boarding | $34

Double Standard Boarding

Same accommodations as standard boarding, but twice as large. Recommended for larger breeds or kennel companions.

  • 1 Dog | $57/night
  • 2 Dogs (kennel companions) | $96/night
  • 3 dogs (kennel companions) | $131.50/night


For those requiring more exclusive accommodations, our suites will provide your pampered pet with a more spacious private room. We offer private bathroom breaks morning, noon and night. A full day of daycare, a small group playtime or a private playtime per day is included in the cost.

  • 1 Dog | $85/night
  • 2 Dogs (kennel companions) | $152/night
  • 3 Dogs (kennel companions) | $215/night

Bunkhouse Boarding

Camp for your pets! Your pets will spend the night with one of our staff members and fellow campers in a luxurious bedroom suite. Pets must be socially friendly and temperament tested for the safety of all of our guests. All new pets will need a behavior assessment prior to scheduling bunkhouse boarding. Daycare is included each day. Please remember, since the dogs are in daycare for a whole day, we recommend you raise the amount you normally feed your dog because they will burn lots of calories.

  • $90 per dog/night

Cat Boarding

Your feline friends will appreciate our lofty and spacious, kitty condos. The condos are located in a penthouse area with a great view of our lobby. The adventurous types will enjoy exercising in the play area, and no cool cat can resist our charming and loving staff.

  • 1 Cat | $30/night

Exotic Pet Boarding

Birds, rabbits, rodents, ferrets, reptiles, fish…you name it, we will probably take it! You provide the pet, living quarters, food, and bedding- we will supply the experience, care, and love. Our exotic boarding room is light, air, and humidity controlled. Sorry, rattlesnakes, antelope, and buffalo cannot be accommodated.

Rabbits are required to have their RHDV2 vaccination in order to enter our facility.

  • 1 Exotic $30/night
  • Additional Exotic in same kennel +$9

What should I bring while my pet is boarding?

You are welcome to bring anything you would like for your pet’s visit. However, please be aware that any belongings you choose to leave when your precious ones are boarding could be lost or misplaced during their stay. Anytime an animal spills water or has an accident on their bedding, toys, etc; we are required to wash and sterilize those items. When this happens, these items could be lost in rotation.

We provide a soft, fake sheepskin bedding for any animals that stay with us. We also provide metal bowls for food and water.

We ask that you bring your own food, to keep your pet on their normal diet and to prevent a upset stomach. Please make sure any medication your pet requires while staying here is separated from the food and in its own container. This ensures our staff can monitor and properly medicate your pet.

Owners must contact us ahead of time if they cannot provide a cage.

dog playing in water

Optional Boarding Services

  • Daycare with boarding $29/day
  • Group 1/2 hour playtime $28
  • Individual playtime $17 for 15 mins | $28 for 30 mins
  • Furminator Brush $26 small/medium dog | $30 large dog | $45 extra large dog
  • Nail Trim $20
  • Nail Dremel $24
  • Ear Cleaning $18
  • Teeth Brushing $18
  • Bath $26 (40 lbs or less) | $32.50 (41 lbs or more)

Please note the following

  • Kennel companions must be able to eat in the same kennel, unsupervised.
  • Administration of insulin or subcutaneous fluids will incur a fee of $12.00/day.
  • We are closed to the public on all major holidays. Any pets boarding over the holidays will have a $10.00 surcharge.
  • We offer a 10% discount after 14 nights of boarding.
  • If you did not bring your pets food, or they run out while here we are able to feed our kennel food for a charge of $4.00 per day.
*If your pet boards for three nights or more they will receive a complimentary bath! If your pet boards less than three nights, baths are available upon request for an additional charge.