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Pet Bunkhouse Boarding
Waggin’ Tails 

Enhance your pet’s boarding experience with spacious accommodations in a Bunkhouse at Waggin’ Tails.

What is Pet Bunkhouse Boarding?

Bunkhouse is a cageless boarding option we offer to pets that do well with other dogs for extended periods of time. With Bunkhouse, your pup and up to 14 others will spend the night in one of our luxury bedrooms with an experienced canine handler on our staff team. Bunkhouse begins at the end of the day around 6:00 p.m. once all pups have finished a full day of daycare and have full bellies! They then are taken upstairs to one of our three luxury bedrooms where they will have multiple human-size beds or extra large dog beds to choose from. From fluffy pillows, soft blankets, and hours of cuddles, your pups will receive all of the love and attention they can handle right up until the next morning when daycare begins again.

Daycare is not required to book Bunkhouse, but dogs who board in bunkhouse must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have 3 successful stays in Daycare (within the last 6 months).
  • Must not show any behaviors of resource guarding, food aggression, guarding of staff/people
  • Must be able to tolerate daycare with minimal breaks, as breaks cannot be granted during sleeping hours.
  • Must be able to be caged safely  (for the pet and for our staff) in the occurrence bunkhouse is cancelled and dogs have to be kenneled.
  • In the event this happens, we will notify you and offer the option for the pet to be moved to the largest kennel available (suite->double standard->standard) and your charge will be adjusted. You may also pick the pet up, if able, or have an authorized user on your account pick your pup up during business hours should you not want your dog kenneled.
  • Dogs will receive daycare as paid for/charged.
  • Client account must be in good standing with no negative balances, no history of non-payment, and a regularly up-to-date pup!

Bunkhouse itself is a steal at only $58!

Daycare is an additional $28, though we do offer discounts for families with multiple pups who prefer to travel and snuggle together:

  • $86.00 per dog/night