What is Temperament Testing?

Any dog who applies to daycare is screened by our staff to determine if they are able to safely and happily socialize with other dogs their size and play style. We will meet with your pet to get to know them before introducing them to one or two of our well-socialized dogs. We will assess their social skills and tolerance level before introducing them to the pack for the safety of all our dogs. Temperament testing for first-time daycare dogs and new client forms may take up to 10-15 minutes, please plan accordingly. We reserve the right to decide which dogs are right for our daycare groups; however, all dogs are welcome in the day boarding and overnight boarding even if a pack situation is not their style. Dogs who do not attend daycare for over a month may need to be re-evaluated. Please call to schedule (can be done on the first day of daycare or day boarding).

What are the vaccination and health requirements for daycare and boarding?

  • All dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies, and have received a negative fecal result testing for parasites and worms within the last 12 months.
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered to be enrolled in daycare or stay for boardin.
  • All dogs must be on flea preventative. Dogs showing signs of fleas will be treated at owner’s expense. Scheduled applications are available, please inquire
  • Please keep pets showing signs of flu or diarrhea at home or notify staff before bringing in for day boarding for the safety of everyone
  • Microchips are strongly recommended and can be done by appointment by our veterinarians

What should I bring while my pet is boarding?

You are welcome to bring anything you would like to your pet’s visit. However, please be aware that any belongings you choose to leave when your precious one’s are boarding could be lost or misplaced during their stay. Anytime an animal spills water or anything else on their bedding, toys, etc., we are required to wash and sterilize those items. When this happens, these items could be lost in rotation. We provide a soft, fake sheepskin bedding for any animals that stays with us. We also provide metal bowls for food and water. We are happy to provide your animal with our food which is a gentle diet called EN. We do recommend that you bring your own food, to keep your pet on their normal diet. Please make sure any medication your pet requires while staying here is separated from food and in it’s own container. This ensures our staff can monitor and properly medicate your pet.

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